Backup Chunker

Backup Chunker

Backup Chunker keeps our data updated, synchronized and securely backed up
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Backup Chunker is a powerful program that has been designed to keep all our data updated, synchronized and securely backed up. This application features a nice and user-friendly GUI, with several wizards that provide several already configured settings for us to choose the project that suits us best. We can choose to backup our entire computer, folders or files, i.e., our documents, images, music, etc. The backups and synchronization can be made between any of these items: our computer, external drives, portable devices (USB stick, memory card), CD, DVD, and so on. We can transfer any content from one location to other, both locally or remotely (local network, SecureFTP, FTP, WebDAV server). This tool can be used to transfer and store a large amount of files in one zipped and encrypted archive. We can preview our project, and make amendments to it before executing it. We can view our current files, and the ones that would be deleted, replaced, or added. We can also enter our account's user-name and password for those locations that require logging in. The Chunker Guide gives us sample information about any option that we may have selected.

Review summary


  • Completely Free.
  • Nice GUI.
  • Helpful wizards.
  • Highly recommended tool


  • None at all
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